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The main focus of our work is grading – checking the quality of second hand products from the media and hardware industry. With eight years of experience, we develop appropriate solutions for businesses of various organisational structures, ranging from the entrepreneurial to the well-established. We offer tailor-made solutions for your individual and specific needs, as well as more complex services such as overall grading for specific service providers.

  • Grading
  • Logistics
  • IT Services
  • the heart of pb ReCommerce

    Professional grading is a specific strategy with complex operations. Through the intergrating of efficient processes with suitable IT options, we ensure a high standard of quality. During the first level of quality assurance (classification), all products are reviewed and sorted. Throughout this process we guarantee that every product category is worked on by a specialised employee of our company. 

    A detailed quality test is the central focus of the second level of quality assurance at pb ReCommerce. Each product is reviewed individually, with great care and clearly defined, model-specific assessment criteria. 

  • safeguarding process flow

    Seasonal changes often lead to logistical challenges, which can have significant consequences for an organisation. We provide a suitable logistical system for the efficient management of your product transfers, for single deliveries from clients as well as deliveries of whole pallets in the B2B-sector. 

    Using intelligent inbound structures, we complete grading within a day of product delivery. Depending on grading results and clients’ needs, we offer additional services in connection with post processing: packaging, package logistics as well as product return processes in addition to the refurbishing and distribution of products via third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay. 

  • the system behind the system

    We offer a variety of IT solutions for recommerce operations (RIT), guaranteeing the overview of the production cycle and offering specific analytical commentary about product delivery while ensuring a fast change in tactics concerning new developments.  We can design an individual and specific overview of your organisational logistics with the help of close cooperation between you and our software specialists, to create specific solutions for your business. The foundation for our evaluation is a self-designed catalogue of in-house RIT systems, such as pricing systems, report creation, and product data assessment. Not only is it possible to develop a reliable and cost-optimised navigation of your processes, the adaptation to your individual needs is a goal as well. The evaluation of your product-delivery processes can be used for investigation purposes. Our administration team will provide technical support if needed. 

  • Inbound

    all logistic processes for product receiving

  • 1st Level: Classification

    first inspection of incoming articles and allocation into the appropriate product channels

    2nd Level: Grading

    quality assessment of individual products, assisted by individualised, model-specific criteria

  • Refurbishing

    reprocessing of products (e.g. elimination of scratches on drives)


    e.g. shrink wrapping for various product sizes


    product preparation for sale through platforms like Amazon or eBay

  • Outbound

    all logistic processes for product delivery

About us

  • Out of the box thinking

    Success is not a condition, it is a process. Only those who continue to evolve can adjust to new challenges. As a B2B-partner in the recommerce business, it is our task to find fast, uncomplicated solutions for your business IT needs. How can we do that? By thinking out of the box, re-thinking, and thinking different! That's how we create new innovations to overcome your expectations.

  • Team spirit

    The key to success lies in teamwork. With respect, trust and mutual appreciation, we have built an organisational structure that helps us achieve our best as a team. We build on individual talents and motivate our staff to become a long-term part of our company.

  • Responsibility

    We believe in success combined with social and ecological responsibility. Working as a team, we support sustainable and forward-thinking projects, especially for children and young adults. After all, they decide where our society is heading.



We are a socially responsible and future-oriented company that builds its successes on teamwork and innovation. We are seeking employees with experience as well as those starting out in their careers.   If this sound like an opportunity for you, apply now!

What our employees have to say

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  • Christoph Jahn

    Deputy CEO


  • Robin Taggeselle

    Executive Assistant



Are you looking for an experienced partner in the recommerce sector? We can offer you individual, specialised services with high quality standards and skilful guidance. Speak to us, we would love to advise you!

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